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Close Protection

We specialize predominantly in Close Protection with many years of experience protecting VIP’s and there families, the Directors themselves are and have been active in the field of head of state protection for over twenty years, working across the board of different theatres.

Our team of men and woman are all highly trained and have come from broad backgrounds to all bring that something special to our table, that is then applied to protect and aid our clients from the first instance of protection to making day to day life much less stressful, with our logistical network and contacts with local governments in foreign countries allows us to supply a bespoke service to all that we protect.

We profile clients so as to assign either a team or individual protector that will suit perfectly to the clients needs and way of life, you will not just be assigned a protector without careful selection as to your wants and needs.

Our protectors are all highly trained in the field of Close protection and all have there own specialities weather it is Security advance, Residential security, multilingual, defensive/offensive driving, Security team members, Security team leaders, religion based, Security logistics, technical security, aviation security, maritime security, experienced divers, qualified sport instructors, meet and greet, security PR for press organisation, experienced in child Close protection, and highly trained Female protectors for clients who prefer.

We specialize in Protection for low profile clients who want and need our services but prefer not to show the world that they require or have a protector or team in there presence.

We protect a select number of Movie stars that prefer to have diplomatic/executive type protection rather than the standard gorilla overt protection that have attached themselves to the stars of today, they feel totally secure in the knowledge that they are receiving a protection level of actual high status which keeps themselves and there families out of the limelight when it matters most, and totally safe when its time for the cameras, flashes and the paparazzi to invade there space!

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